Innovation hybrid strategy of IT-outsourcing partnership with enterprises

Education program

Video collaboration

Hybrid Strategy basics


A new system of IT professional development centers based on
public-private partnerships between UA Academia and business should be created
with a new learning technologies aimed at the formation of IT labor skills
demanded by the market.

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Video collaboration provides many benefits for learnenrs, faculty and administration - classrom experiences and learnng opportunities are enhanced, learning becomes more collaborative, personalized, interactive and informal, distance learning is enhanced by virtual face-to-face encounters, rather than text-only ones.

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These specific project objectives require the following steps to be done:
i) to create a hybrid partnership strategy between UA universities and enterprises under the European IT outsourcing experience;
ii) to create the basis for the partnership between UA universities and business customers of IT outsourcing (ITO) services and ensure its sustainable development in future activities.

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